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Welcome at NanoKopter.at

Due to the vast amount of inquiries we are going to publish all the desired information about our NanoKopter on this website.

I would like to inform you, that we are working on this Project during our spare time. The development is quite time consuming, and we're busy Students who currently don't have a lot of time.

We are quality fanatics, and we won't release anything to the public which is not yet ready.

Please be patient, we will make the NanoKopter with it's unique design commercially available.
We're currently in negotiation with a potential partner who is likely to do the production and marketing for us.

Some minor update: I'm not dead! But unfortunately very busy - and there is still no PSoC5 in
QFN68 package available to buy. Cypress just stated selling the QFP packages, so QFN is about
to follow soon (hopefully).

I did some redesign, and switched over to Altium Designer a few months ago. New PCBs will be much, much much better. Going up to six layers now which will improve the analog performance significantly.

Our contact address is admin(at)nanokopter.at


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